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Friday, February 27, 2015

Tips for Planning Your Nautical-Themed Wedding

If you and your finance love fishing, sailing and spending time by the water, then why not have a nautical-themed wedding? Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and it should represent the personalities of you and your finance. Whether you want to have your wedding outside by the water or bring the feel of coastal life indoors, consider these great ideas for nautical-themed weddings.


There are many fun and neat ways you can dress up your wedding venue and reception site in your nautical theme. Before you prepare your decorations, it's best to choose a color pallet. Popular colors for nautical-themed wedding are blue, white, yellow and red. Be sure to consider these colors when incorporating your favorite nautical elements into your décor, such as ships, fish, boats, anchors, knots and lifesaver buoys. One way you can incorporate nautical elements into your décor is by hanging life preservers over the doors at your reception venue. The life preservers can display your names and wedding date, or say a common maritime phrase such as "Welcome Abroad".  Also be sure to include seashells, ropes and anchors in your flower arrangements.

Table Settings

Another great way to show off your passion for the sea is through your table settings. Integrate your favorite nautical elements into your chair decorations and centerpieces. You can decorate the table where guests pick up their table numbers with lighthouses and seashells. Then get a model sailboat for each of your tables to display your guests’ names and table numbers.  Guests can take the sailboat home as a keepsake from your wedding.

Nautical Jewelry

In addition to the décor, your love for everything nautical should be represented in your wedding jewelry. The groom and groomsmen can wear silver or gold nautical pins on their suit jackets that feature an anchor, hook or sand dollar. At Gone Coastal Jewelry, we can create stunning suit pins from our signature nautical pendants. For the ladies, they can wear nautical bracelets, necklaces and/or earrings that best complement the dresses. All of our fishing jewelry is made from the finest materials and most stunning natural stones. You can give your bridal party the nautical jewelry as a wedding gift, so they can wear it at your wedding.   

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is a major component of your wedding reception. Choose a white wedding cake and tie it into your coastal theme. You can line each tier of the cake with a rope made of fondant and decorate them with beautiful seashells, starfish and flowers. Use an anchor, sailboat or beach chairs as your cake topper.

Prepare for your wedding day by browsing our large selection of nautical and fishing jewelry at Gone Coastal Jewelry.  We have the perfect pieces to compliment your nautical-themed wedding. Visit us online or contact us anytime with questions about our products.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Essential Accessories for your Next Vacation

We may be stuck in the throes of winter, but spring break is soon approaching, and with it, our plans for vacation. Preparing for a seaside vacation, whether to a sunny Florida beach, Caribbean island, or Mexican resort, warrants the packing of some key accessories to ensure you're prepared for time on the beach, dinners at the resort, fishing excursions, and everything in between. What accessories should you consider for your upcoming vacation?

Multi-Purpose Sandals

If you plan to spend time by the shore, at minimum you'll want a pair of comfortable, supportive sandals that will make walks on the beach a breeze. Look for sandals that offer reasonable cushioning, don't have high platforms, and which afford a snug fit; the last thing you need on your vacation is a twisted ankle! To get the most value out of your footwear (and to save room in your suitcase), look for sandals that could be worn both at the beach and in more formal settings, such as a hotel or restaurant. This may be especially useful for those visiting resorts, where trips between the beach, pool, restaurant and hotel are frequent.

Nautical Fishing Jewelry

Nautical fishing jewelry, such as anchor pendants, nautical earrings and sea life bracelets, can easily elevate the look of any dinner dress, bathing suit, or casual summer attire, and provide women added element of style. Available in a wide array of designs, nautical fishing jewelry can also be customized to reflect your specific vacation destination and experiences. Planning on spending time deep sea fishing in the Gulf? Consider something like our specialty Texas Slam pendant, featuring a unique fishing-inspired design. Or, if you've made plans to swim with the dolphins, consider our gorgeous sterling-silver dolphin hoop earrings. Nautical jewelry can also be worn at any time throughout the year, whether as an accessory to a work outfit or as a complement to a formal dress, and serves as a continual reminder of your treasured vacation memories.

The Caftan Cover-Up

Caftan cover-ups are a vacation must-have, as these wraps offer a tremendous amount of wardrobe flexibility. Rather than changing in and out of a swimsuit each time you're ready to transition from lounging poolside to sitting up at a snack bar, taking a walk down the pier, or hopping in a kayak, simply throw on your loose-fitting caftan over your suit and you'll be good to go!

The Sun Hat

The sun hat is both a practical and fashionable vacation accessory. These adorable, wide-brim hats can contribute a touch of style to any swimsuit or summer outfit, while conveniently shading your face from the sun for extra UV protection. Sun hats are also great to throw on after a swim when hair is looking less-than-ideal, and can provide enough shade to eliminate the need for wearing sunglasses.

View our entire selection of nautical accessories to start preparing for your next seaside vacation! Questions? Feel free to contact us at any time and we'll be happy to speak with you. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

5 Great Nautical Gift Ideas

Giving gifts to loved ones is a habit that is ingrained in us, at this point. Whether celebrating a birthday, holiday or graduation, we give gifts to show thoughtfulness and mark the occasion. But sometimes it can be hard to think of gifts to give. If your recipient works in some kind of maritime industry or simply loves sailing or the beach, why not surprise them with some unique nautical gifts?

To jumpstart the brainstorming process, we at Gone Coastal Jewelry have created a list of maritime-inspired gift ideas that should appeal to a wide range of people:

abalone ring
1. Jewelry

For those who love beautiful (yet unconventional) jewelry, a nautical theme is a perfect way to be unique and still get something classy and timeless. Not only can you choose something in a sea theme, you can get colorful stones like larimar, jasper, and smoky quartz, not to mention shell like abalone, in lovely silver settings. Nautical jewelry is also a great way to get ready for the summer months that lie ahead. You can conveniently browse our selection of ocean and fishing-inspired jewelry online.

2. Home Décor

Decorative items for the home make a great gift for anyone and can also be a stunning addition to the office. A few decorative gift ideas include nautical wall hooks, wind chimes, wall art, pillows, blankets, and doormats. These are all elegant, yet simple, showpieces that set the tone of a space.

3. Books

If your recipient is interested in reading and learning about the maritime world, why not buy a book for them so that they can expand their knowledge? Choose fictional tales of maritime life like Moby Dick or non-fiction guides to sea creatures or sailors' knots. There are options for every taste, interest and age level! If the person appreciates the sights at the beach, maybe a large coffee table book with quality photography would be a good idea.

4. Games

If you're looking for a gift that's more creative and fun or family-oriented, a nautical game might be perfect. A few game ideas include a classic board game like Battleship, a picture puzzle of a sea animal or a computer simulated game involving the ocean. Many of these games are entertaining and educational at the same time.

5. Clothing

Anyone with a love or passion for something enjoys showing it off, and that can easily be done with clothing. Like jewelry, clothes are a great way to display a passion for sea life. Shirts and t-shirts with maritime images or slogans are perfect gifts for the enthusiastic person.

What kind of maritime gifts can you think up? If you're looking for nautical jewelry gifts for family or friends, this is the place for you! Browse our selection or contact us with any questions today!

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Monday, December 1, 2014

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